April 5, 2016

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Mainland Tile

Mainland Tile

I love coasters. There are so many pretty designs and they add character and help keep drink stains off furniture. However, personally I hate spending so much money on a set of 4 coasters which within a few months become 3 and eventually leading you to have to buy more! So what do you do? YOU MAKE YOUR OWN OF COURSE! Come by our Burnaby showroom for a free 12×12 tile so you can begin your DIY tile coaster project.

Depending on the size of your family or how often you have gatherings you can make as many coasters as you like. You can even gift them (let’s start planning cheaper Christmas gifts eh?).



  • Pencil
  • Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paint brush
  • White craft glue (preferably Mod Podge)
  • 4 tiles 4” squares
  • Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Resin
  • Two disposable plastic cups
  • Popsicle stick



  1. I’m sure you have left over tiles lying around but if you don’t just go visit a local tile store. IMG_1543
  2. Cut squares of scrapbook paper or pictures to fit on your coaster depending on the size of your tile just make it half an inch smaller for each side so you have a border along the edge.IMG_1542
  3. Clean your tiles completely. If they feel greasy use rubbing alcohol.
  4. Use a paint brush to coat mod podge on the back of the scrap paper, just make sure to get it all the way to the edges. IMG_1557
  5. Firmly press the paper on the tile and remove all air bubbles. Something like a rolling pin or glass tumbler will help with rolling out bubbles. Fingertips might still leave bubbles. IMG_1559
  6. Allow tiles to sit for 15 minutes. IMG_1561
  7. Pop any remaining bubbles with a pin and flatten them. IMG_1560
  8. Brush more mod podge on the top of the tile in the same direction. Wait 15 minutes and apply another layer but at a right angle direction to the first layer. IMG_1563
  9. Let it dry overnight.
  10. The next part is the waterproofing. We suggest you work on a disposable surface because this will get messy. Layer cardboards or newspapers and wear gloves too.
  11. Mark your cup (based on 4 tiles) a line for 2 oz and one for 1oz or use disposable measuring cups. You can do this by measuring a liquid in a cup and pouring it in. Just make sure the cup is clean and 100% dry after.
  12. Put the Envirotex bottles in a warm bath water but not hot water to heat up. In the meantime, cover the edges of you tile on the back with adhesive tape. IMG_1567
  13. Pour 1oz from each of the Envirotex bottles into your cup. Stir for a minute but not too fast so to create bubbles. Then move content into the second cup and stir another minute. IMG_1568
  14. Place tiles on cups so that they don’t get glued to the work surface and evenly pour Evirotex at the center of coasters. IMG_1570
  15. Use a piece of scrap cardboard to spread the Envirotex to the corners of the tile as well covering the sides of tiles. IMG_1569
  16. After 15 minutes bubbles will form, if you breathe gently over them the carbon dioxide from your breath will pop them. After 30 more minutes you use the scarp cardboard and wipe drips from the bottom of the tiles, then repeat after another 30 minutes. IMG_1571
  17. To prevent dust particles and things cover your tiles as they dry with a box pr something and allow them to sit at leaser 24 hours.
  18. Once they dry remove the adhesive tape. If it’s being stubborn use a nail file.
  19. Finalize the tile by gluing a piece cork board or felt at the bottom. IMG_1575

There you have it a perfect little house warming, stocking stuffer, secret santa, and just about anything gift!