Biacca Bianca Granite Countertop

Product Description

Bacca Bianca granite is a stunning romantic choice for any kitchen. Primarily white with clouds of cream and grey and sensuous burgundy slithers, Bacca Bianca granite gorgeously dresses up and embellishes a kitchen, giving it the timeless elegance of a mother of pearl.

White granite overall is famous for its delicate splendor, unique appearance and its ability to transform a drab room into an effervescent one. The main reason why Bacca Bianca granite is so popular however is because its natural sheen and sparkling reflection give it the feel and look of marble material. Marble is an impractical countertop solution though. So if you are looking for the marble effect but want the typical benefits of granite, a natural stone such as Bacca Bianca granite is the obvious choice.

Each tile will be cut to order and to size.  Contact our granite experts for pricing.

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