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March 7, 2016

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Mainland Tile

Mainland Tile

Home decorating has always been an appealing idea to most of us. It seems fun, exciting, and gets your creative juices flowing. However, what we don’t normally consider is it can be scary especially when there are many mistakes that can make your home look small, or just awkward and overdone even.  So in order to avoid some of these mistakes here are a few simple rules to follow.

A Closer Look At Smart Home Decorating Tips

1. DON’T hang small wall art on large walls.

Hanging improper wall art if not the best idea- it’s actually the worst. You may not think you’re doing just that but if you add small art pieces on large walls it will “dwarf” the piece and look ridiculous and odd. At the same time you don’t want to add large piece on a small wall space either. It can overwhelm the wall and make the space look smaller than it is.

2. DO: Hang curtains higher than window

It’s a completely different kind of art when it comes curtains or drapes. There are so many ways to do it and the least appealing is closely around the window. As you can clearly see, the difference in hanging the curtains wider and higher is more dramatic and appealing than just around the window. The best idea is to hang the curtains as high as possible; this makes the room look taller too. The same goes for the width, when fully open the curtains shouldn’t reach within a few inches of the window itself to create a wider and larger room.

3. DON’T use rugs that are too small for your living space

This is something I recently learned too, your area rug just like curtains impacts how big your room looks. Using rugs that are too small for your space will make your space look smaller. At the very least, the edge of the rug should be at least a few inches under the furniture.


4. DO Use multiple textures

Keep things interesting by mixing textures in décor. It’s a lot better than keep everything plain and more appealing to the eye. You can mix sequins, and fluffy, soft, woven, leather, or other textures and texture doesn’t clash so use as many as you like. A really unique idea is if you have a small wall add backsplash mosaic tiles in the same color as the wall. It adds a lot of color, dimension and definitely texture.

5. DON’T Clutter the décor

This one can be tricky because sometimes we try not to keep things boring and plain but end up collecting so much décor that it becomes a clutter-zone. The more accessories you have lying in every direction you look the more cluttered it will look in turn making the space look smaller. Keep things balanced. Have simple and beautiful décor but don’t get carried away.

6. DO Use Colors

Add color to your world and don’t be afraid of it! By adding some color is okay and creates interest for the eye. It can be scary to add color and many people will stay comfortable with everything neutral but it doesn’t hurt to add some life into the room. Subtly add color here and there but not like a unicorn vomited rainbows.

7. DON’T keep everything symmetrical

Try not to keep things symmetrical when decorating. Symmetry at the end of this is plain and boring. Adding a mixture is again the desired idea. It’s naturally tempting to make both sides of your room mirror images but like I said: boring. Try off centering some furniture at an angle. Make it stand out in your eye. If things are mirrored it won’t stick out but a few accent angled chairs or irregular shapes will do the trick.

8. DO keep an eye out for proportionate furniture

This is very important. You don’t want overly large furniture in a small room and nor do you want smaller furniture in a large room. Too small furniture  will make the room look empty, and too large will make it claustrophobic. You want it “just right”.